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All-Organic Treatments In Nashville, TN

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Low-Impact Pest Solutions For Your Nashville Home Or Business

Owning a home or managing a business means protecting your property and its occupants from the pests that threaten it. Whether it's a trail of ants or a nest of rodents living in your structure, pests bring a variety of problems. Protecting your home or business from rodents, spiders, and other local pests should always be a top priority. At Cima Solutions, we believe protecting the environment should be just as important. That's why we offer several options for all-organic pest treatments in Nashville and surrounding communities.

If you're in the market for personalized, professional solutions that are effective and eco-friendly, contact us today to request a free estimate for your home or a free inspection for your business.

Our Nashville, TN All-Organic Treatment Options

While pests can be a nuisance or even dangerous, many creatures in our area also help serve our environment. Here at Cima Solutions, our team does our part to do the same! We offer several low-impact, all-organic pest control services that are eco-friendly and highly effective.

EcoVia EC

Ecovia EC is a powerful research-based FIFRA 25(b) liquid botanical oil insecticide that is easy to mix, stays in solution, and has a much lower odor than earlier generation essential oil insecticides. EcoVia EC is labeled for use and kills a wide range of flying, crawling, and sucking insects such as ants, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, bed bugs, flies, wasps, mosquitoes, ticks, brown marmorated stink bugs, kudzu bugs, whiteflies, aphids, and many more. EcoVia EC can safely be applied in and around homes and businesses and near and over water such as boat docks and pool areas without harming aquatic life, as well as numerous other areas. EcoVia EC is safe to use around children and pets.

Note: You can dilute this concentrate in water OR oil for indoor use. For outdoor use, you can ONLY dilute in water. A chart on the label will tell you the rate according to your needs. 

Essentria IC3

Essentria IC3 is one of our natural bug sprays and the most updated formulation of the EcoExempt IC2 product. Essentria IC3 was improved by adding the adjuvant in the concentrate and a fragrance modifier to minimize odors. Essentria IC3 is a flexible, broad-spectrum EPA FIFRA 25(b) exempt all-natural product. It is an insecticide for use around your home that is child and pet friendly but still very effective. One of the best features of Essentria IC3 is that it has no aquatic toxicity; you can apply it near or over water for spiders, mosquitoes, and other water-dwelling pests with no worries about harming aquatic life.

Essentria G

Essentria G Granules are a Plant Oil (Hexa-Hydroxyl) based ready-to-use Granular Insecticide. It is for primarily outdoor applications on lawns and landscaped areas. The bag is 22 pounds.

Terad3 Blox

Terad3 Blox by Bell Labs features the newest formulation in the fight against rodent infestations, using a whole new active ingredient; Vitamin D3. This new Vitamin D3 bait kills anticoagulant-resistant rats and mice (those resistant to other baits such as Contrac) and substantially reduces the risk of secondary poisoning. Terad3 also poses low toxicity to birds. This bait features a dense, tightly compacted 1 oz. bait block. It has superb durability, is mold and moisture resistant, and can remain stable in temperatures as high as 200F. Best of all, with Terad3, you get a highly palatable and attractive rodent bait that rats and mice just can't resist.

Professional Pest Control That Is Environmentally Responsible

When you require professional pest control, look no further than Cima Solutions. Our local, family owned and operated pest control company provides fast and effective pest solutions that are environmentally responsible. We provide friendly, professional service to our clients in Nashville and throughout our pest control service areas.

Cima Solutions is Nashville strong! Our family loves all that is special and unique about our community, and we look forward to sharing that with you. Contact our service professionals for reliable home pest control and commercial exterminator services in Nashville and request a free estimate today!