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Combating A Potential Mosquito Infestation Brewing In Nashville

July 10, 2022

Anytime you think of Nashville, Tennessee, your mind usually goes right to the music scene. Not all musical entertainment takes place indoors. If you want to enjoy some tunes under the Nashville skyline, you can stop by Ascend Amphitheater, where live music gets played under the stars.

Whether attending outdoor festivals or having fun in your backyard, pest control in Nashville become essential when blood-sucking mosquitoes turn outdoor fun into a nightmare.

What Chemicals Are Used In Mosquito Foggers?

Outdoor mosquito foggers are a tool used to clear backyards of mosquitoes. While fogging is not a long-term solution for deterring mosquitoes, this treatment option is terrific for preventing adult mosquitoes from ruining special backyard events. Mosquito control programs use insecticides called adulticides and synergists (which make adulticides more effective).

The following are chemicals often found in adulticides:

  • Permethrin (synthetic pyrethroid)
  • d-Phenothrin (Sumithrin®) (synthetic pyrethroid)
  • Resmethrin (synthetic)
  • Deltamethrin (synthetic pyrethroid)
  • Malathion (organophosphate)

Chemicals used in foggers target the nervous system of the mosquito. The fogging chemicals directly attack the mosquito’s nervous system to kill them quickly. Because it is essential to use the correct chemicals for specific species, help from professionals such as Cima Solutions is vital.

Destroying Mosquito Eggs In Still Water

Eliminating mosquito eggs/larvae is essential for mosquito control. Females lay eggs in standing/stagnant water; this includes anything that acts as a container and holds water. Once the eggs hatch, larvae feed on microorganisms in the water until they develop into pupa.

The pupa will shed their skin before fully developing into an adult. Since mosquito development depends on water, destroying a mosquito’s breeding ground is essential. Getting rid of mosquitoes in your yard before they become adults involves using larvicides.

Types of larvicides include:

  • Liquid (applied directly to water via a spray)
  • Pellets, dunks, granules, bits, tablets, and briquet (added to water supplies)

Four types of chemicals found in larvicides include:

  1. Insect growth regulators (inhibitors and Methoprene)
  2. Organophosphate insecticide (Temephos)
  3. Mineral oils (said to be best for killing the pupa stage) and films
  4. Bacterial larvicides (Bacillus)

Chemical applications require extreme caution; therefore, it is always best to leave chemical exclusion up to the professionals. Upon inspection, Cima Solutions will identify mosquito species (valuable information for using the correct chemical combination), locate hiding and breeding spots, and safely apply treatments that protect the environment.

Mosquito Prevention: What A Homeowner Can Do

While Cima Solutions may have the right treatments to help with mosquito control, homeowners can help in the battle against mosquitoes by establishing some simple prevention measures. The phrase “the best defense is the best offense” applies to mosquito prevention.

Six ways to help stop mosquitoes camping out in your backyard include:

  1. Treat and circulate pool water
  2. Remove standing water containers (buckets, toys, potted plants, tires, plastic covers)
  3. Repair drainage problems (gutters should be free-flowing)
  4. Fill in depressions in your yard that act as standing water receptacles.
  5. Keep grass, shrubs, and hedges cut and trimmed.
  6. Pick up leaf debris lying around your yard.

Despite your best efforts, you may find mosquitoes still have free reign around your backyard. The best way to keep mosquitoes out of your yard is with help from Cima Solutions; we have the equipment and knowledge to deal with persistent mosquitoes.

Mosquito Reduction Services In Nashville

Cima Solutions is a locally owned and operated pest company serving Nashville and is the best company to get rid of mosquitoes. Safely applying mosquito solutions around your property is paramount; therefore, we use environmentally friendly products that protect your family and pets. Estimates are available over the phone, and inspections are free. Call Cima Solutions today, and let us bring peace and tranquility back to your backyard.