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House Flies In Nashville: How To Stop An Invasion

August 10, 2022

If you've never had a housefly around your home, you might be living in a different dimension. Most people have had a fly around their kitchen multiple times, and these tiny pests are particularly annoying. Try as you might, it can seem impossible to remove even one housefly with the fly swatter. What is even more frustrating is that they usually come around in large numbers.

If house flies are accumulating around your property or inside your home, you are probably trying to figure out how to stop them. Luckily, the Cima Solutions team is here to help with your problem. Keep reading to learn how to prevent and remove house flies in Nashville.

Do Flies Travel Around In Groups?

House flies usually act independently of one another, but things are a bit different when they're trying to reproduce. They might not gather together like some other fly species, but they breed rapidly. One female house fly lays up to 120 eggs. So, even if you have just a few flies around your property at first, their numbers can quickly grow out of control unless you do something to stop them. It's a good idea to promptly act if you see even a couple of flies around. 

Are There Types Of Flies That Will Bite Me?

Many of the fly species you'll see inside your home aren't going to bite you. Flies like house flies, fruit flies, and drain flies can spread diseases, but they don't attack people. On the other hand, a couple of types of flies do bite. Sandflies and deer flies often bite. Deer flies are particularly frustrating because they similarly drink blood to mosquitoes. Other flies that bite include black flies and horse flies. 

Gross! What's Causing Tons Of Flies To Terrorize My Home?

The unfortunate truth is that flies come around searching for some pretty disgusting things. They lay their eggs on damp, rotting materials, and any organic material works for them. Flies love old food, feces, trash, and dead animal carcasses. Because they land on these nasty things, they pick up pathogens and spread them to where they go next. They will land on your plate of food or kitchen counters and transmit germs that could lead to dysentery or salmonella. 

The best way to prevent flies is to keep your property and home clean. Make sure to remove trash from the yard and pick up any pet droppings right away. You should also place tightly-fitted lids on all garbage cans. Next, focus on cleaning up your kitchen regularly. The more crumbs or food debris you leave around, the more likely you will have a fly infestation.

However, even with your best efforts, flies are so common that they might become a problem. In this case, there is help available from professionals. 

Help! What Can I Do To Get All These Flies Out Of My Home!

Once flies invade and reproduce near your property, they are nearly impossible to get under control without professional assistance. While there are fly control methods such as sprays and traps, they only get some of the individuals. Since flies breed quickly, you'll want to entrust fly removal to Nashville pest control professionals.

At Cima Solutions, we have the expertise and experience you're looking for to eliminate fly infestations and keep them from returning. Call us today to learn more about our home pest control services or to request a quote.