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How To Keep Stink Bugs Away From Your Nashville Home

September 30, 2022

We all want our homes to be a refuge. We want to come home, kick off our shoes, sit in our favorite chairs, and relax for the evening. If you are a gardener, there is great satisfaction in watching your backyard plants grow and produce vegetation. 

Our home and garden should be a sanctuary from the elements and bugs. Recently, a new bug has emerged in Nashville; the stink bug. Due to the lack of enemies, this bug has become a significant pest throughout much of the United States. If you find stink bugs in your house, you need the Nashville pest control services of Cima Solutions.

Ew! What Are Stink Bugs 

There are approximately 200 species of stink bugs (Halyomorpha halys). Since being found in Pennsylvania in the mid-1990s, they have spread throughout America. The following are general characteristics of stink bugs in Nashville:

  • Length: 3/4 to 1 inch
  • Color: brown, grey, or dark green 
  • Shape: shield-like appearance
  • Antennae: alternating light bars
  • Markings: dark bands on the outer edge of the abdomen
  • Legs: three pairs

The underside of the thorax houses the stink glands. When crushing the bug, these glands produce an obnoxious smell and release the odor when it feels threatened. Although they will not damage your home, a stink bug harms plants, fruits, and crops. 

Bugs That Are Commonly Confused For Stink Bugs 

Many bugs look similar to the stink bug. Most of these bugs are harmless, but some can cause damage due to biting or disease transmission. The following are bugs often misidentified as stink bugs: 

  • Kissing bugs: Often mistaken as stink bugs, due to the shape and color of their body, these bugs deliver a painful bite and often target the face. 
  • Western conifer seed bugs: Like stink bugs, they produce a foul odor when threatened. Fortunately, they do not bite or sting. 
  • Boxelder bugs: Although they are smaller and possess an oval-shaped body, they emit a stink, causing some to misidentify them as stink bugs. 
  • Assassin bugs: Many stink bug species are brown with a rounded abdomen like the assassin bug. Unlike stink bugs, they deliver a painful bite to humans. 
  • Cockroaches: The brown-banded cockroach has the same coloring and is similar in size. 

There are other bugs that some confuse with stink bugs either due to similar shape, color, size, or the emission of odor when threatened. 

Why Do Stink Bugs Want To Be Inside Homes?

Stink bug damage occurs on plants, crops, and fruit from spring through late fall. With the arrival of cold temperatures, they begin to gather on the sunny side of buildings. As the temperature declines, they move from outside to inside the house. 

Once inside the house, they congregate under beds, in bookcases, behind baseboards, in the crawlspace, basement, or attic. Although most of them hide during the winter months, the appearance of stink bugs on curtains, screens, and lampshades indicates a stink bug invasion. Their presence in the home becomes apparent again in the spring as they will emerge from their hiding places seeking a mate. 

Fortunately, they do not cause structural damage, bite, or spread disease. However, the odor can be a nuisance to homeowners. 

Professional Stink Bug Control In Nashville

Using a vacuum will help get rid of stink bugs in Nashville; however, it will not eliminate their eggs. To eradicate the bugs from your home, you need our pest control professionals from Cima Solutions. Our experts use environmentally safe and effective treatments to eliminate existing stink bugs and their eggs. Contact us today, and let us stop the bugs in your house before they stink up your home.