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Pest Spotlight: Stink Bugs In Nashville

August 30, 2022

Stink bugs are a pest that sounds and looks disturbing. Even the name makes people recoil as they imagine what they might smell like, and when stink bugs invade homes, they are tough to remove. Stink bugs are smelly little pests that come in large numbers, so you don’t want them around your house and yard.

But, you might have questions about stink bugs in Nashville and how you can eradicate them for good. Luckily, the Cima Solutions team knows all about these odorous pests, and we are happy to help. Please keep reading to discover all you need to know about stink bugs and removing them with help from Nashville pest control professionals at Cima Solutions.

Why Are There So Many Stink Bugs Inside My Home?

Stink bugs usually live outdoors, which is primarily true in the spring and summer. But when it gets a bit cooler, they look for shelter inside buildings. They’ll start to congregate around windows and doors, and if they get inside, they’ll spend the winter months inside the walls of your house. But you might not even realize they’ve been living alongside you. Then, once spring comes around, you will find them around windows that face the sun as they try to get outside again.

Stink bugs are a nuisance pest as they don’t pose any health risks, but they are still gross. The smell they emit is similar to cilantro, and it’s off-putting. Along with the putrid smell, they are an agricultural pest that ruins crops.

Tips For Dealing With Stink Bug Infestations In Nashville

Unfortunately, it’s hard to prevent stink bugs because they live in particular areas. If you have certain trees, including trees that produce fruits, they will come around your property.

The best way to deter stink bugs is to take the following steps:

  • Keep Them From Getting Into Your House: Seal your home against stink bugs by fixing broken screens and installing door sweeps and weather stripping. You should also seal holes in the walls and foundation.
  • Clean Up Yard Debris: Start by removing mulch, leaf litter, grass clippings, and other debris.
  • Seek Help From The Experts: The easiest way to remove stink bugs is with Nashville pest control services.

Because stink bugs are invasive, most over-the-counter removal options don’t work very well.

The Dangers Of Stink Bugs In Your Home

The most common kind of stink bug is the brown marmorated stink bug. You can identify these pests by their shield-like shape and mottled coloration, a mix of brown, gray, and black colors. Overall, this particular species is just a nuisance. They might damage some of the plants around your property, but they’re only a significant risk if they invade areas with crops.

Unlike many other pests in the area, they don’t spread diseases and don’t bite or sting. The main issue is their odor, and because there are many, their bodies can build up around the entrances into your house.

Full Pest Control Solutions For Nashville Homes

If you have stink bugs around your Nashville home, you might feel overwhelmed. It’s incredibly challenging to remove these pests, so we don’t blame you for feeling frustrated. But, there’s a straightforward way to eliminate them and keep them from coming back.

At Cima Solutions, we offer home pest control plans to address these pests and many others, so you no longer have to worry about them. Contact us today to get started or to request a quote.