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Flea Control In Nashville, TN

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Protect Your Nashville Home From Fleas

Fleas are a major problem for Nashville pet owners throughout the warm season (and even into the winter). Nashville property owners often don't realize that you don't even need to have pets to wind up with fleas. There are plenty of other vectors that can bring these external parasites into your home. They might hitch a ride into your house on rodents or wildlife in your crawl space. They can even hop onto pets visiting your home. No matter how they arrive, once fleas have decided your property is a great place to live, they can be harder to evict than just about any pest.

Our Flea Control Process

Our flea control process consists of multiple steps to ensure flea-free living, and you're in charge of the first ones. First, we ask that our customers cover all food and store it somewhere it won't be exposed to the air during treatment. Next, you'll need to turn off all air circulation (air conditioning and ceiling fans) to ensure the flea products are not disturbed as they work. We also ask that you vacuum all floors around a half-hour before techs arrive. The warmth and vibration forces flea eggs to hatch, meaning we can kill even more!

Once the tech arrives, all humans and pets in the house will have to clear out and stay gone for at least four hours after the treatment concludes. We'll let you know what time it's safe to return. While you're gone, we'll use special flea-killing treatments to get baseboards, window sills, and entryways. Then we do an aerosol broadcast treatment to cover the floors, ensuring all the fleas in the house are killed in one go-round.

We can also add the exterior of your home to your treatment plan if you're having flea infestation issues there. We'll use a combination of granules and liquid treatment around the outside of your house, depending on what our flea experts think is best after your inspection. We also suggest you make sure your pets (if you have any) get treated for any existing flea infestations and go on a prophylactic flea medication to prevent more (you'll need to talk to your vet about this). Best of all, we offer a two-week warranty. So if you notice the initial treatment didn't get the whole flea infestation, we'll come back out for free!

We can also help you handle any wildlife and rodent infestations that are bringing fleas onto your property. Check out our home pest control and commercial pest control service pages to learn more about how we deal with these pests.

One Step To A Flea-Free Home

Don't waste your time with foggers and sprays if you wind up with fleas. OTC chemicals are highly ineffective for flea infestations, partly because they're not as high-quality as professional-grade products and partly because most DIYers don't have experience dealing with fleas and finding all their hiding spots. What's worse, some OTC flea control products are highly dangerous – especially for cats. That's why you need to give us a call here at Cima Solutions. We will provide you with freedom from fleas safely and effectively.

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