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Nashville's Most Powerful Residential Pest Control

The city of Nashville is growing bigger by the year, with an average of 100 people moving into the area every day. At Cima Solutions, we're thrilled to welcome you home! We love our amazing city, and we know you'll love it too. We want to help you make the most of your stay here, whether it's for one year or thirty, and will do everything we can to enhance your quality of life. For us, that means offering amazing home pest control in Nashville, TN.

Cima Solutions has spent the better part of a decade honing our skills and growing our expertise to provide some of the best residential pest control services in the Tennessee area. Using eco-friendly alternatives and thorough inspections, we'll get to the bottom of your issues in no time flat. Just ask our incredible customers!

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Our Eco-Friendly Philosophy

As a local business, Cima Solutions believes in doing our part to protect our environment. That's why we have made it our mission to provide environmentally-friendly pest control services that are just as effective (if not more so) than traditional methods.

There's no need to sacrifice quality or results in order to be eco-friendly, which is why we always begin our approach with a comprehensive inspection process. We chat one-on-one with customers to learn what they are experiencing, then walk the property to check for signs of malicious activity. Our experts keep a sharp eye out for nesting sites and conducive conditions and inspect the yard for ant mounds, spider webs, and wasp nests that are near the walls or sides of the home. In many cases, we will also inspect the interior and perimeter of the house.

All of our pest findings are disclosed to customers immediately. Using Integrated Pest Management techniques and our years of experience with professional solutions, our team will present different treatment options depending on the circumstances. These may include foundation treatments, crevice treatments, and outdoor sweeping (to remove spider webs).

Depending on the severity of your pest concerns, Cima Solutions also offers a yard granulation process with success in mind. A 30 to 40-foot barrier will be established around the perimeter of the home, followed by an interior treatment around baseboards, behind stoves, and under refrigerators. It pays to go the extra mile!

We care about the protection and safety of your family, which is why our treatments are both pet and kid-friendly. Our professionals also offer eco-friendly options:

  • All organic spray for inside and outside
  • All organic granular treatments
  • Integrated Pest Management

Monthly and bimonthly treatments come with a full-service follow-up warranty, all customizable to the customer's needs.

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Our Treatment Process


Our inspection services are always free of charge, and we will inspect the entirety of your home for pests and their activity. Feel free to give us any insights you might have, then watch our technicians go to work! We'll report back with our findings.


After our inspection is complete, we'll develop a comprehensive treatment plan designed to fit your specific needs. We will discuss the procedure with you before any work begins, and we'll only start the process once you're 100% on board. Remember, all of our solutions are kid-friendly, pet friendly, and habitat-compatible!

Follow Up

After your treatment is complete, we'll work with you to establish a regular follow-up schedule that keeps you pest-free all year long. Depending on your unique circumstances, this schedule might be bi-monthly, quarterly, or as an as-needed service. If any pests return to your home while under our protection, a comprehensive warranty will provide 100% free re-treatments!

Additional Pest Control Programs

Regular pest control programs are a great way to get and keep your Nashville property totally pest-free. However, we also recognize that customers need many other forms of treatment depending on the season and circumstances. Cima Solutions steps up to the plate with a full roster of alternative pest control programs, using brand-new techniques to manage age-old problems.

Some of our most popular additional pest control programs include:

Don't see what you need on this list? Cima Solutions may still be able to help! Just call us, message us, or submit a form today to inquire about pest solutions for your Nashville home.

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No one wants pests in their home, which is why Cima Solutions offers a variety of residential pest control programs to fit your specific needs. Our world-class treatments are always kid-friendly, pet friendly, and habitat-compatible and applied to your property on a regular follow-up schedule. If any pests come calling, you'll know that Cima Solutions has the answer.

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