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House Fly Identification & Prevention

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Learn More About House Flies In Nashville

Though house flies may want to call our Nashville houses home, it shouldn't be allowed. To best protect your Nashville property from these unwanted pests, you need to learn about them, including what attracts them and where they like to hang out.

What are house flies?

Flies are easy to recognize because they are so common, and most people have had to deal with them in or around their yard or home. Some identifying features of the house fly are listed below:

  • A gray, oval body with four darker stripes on the thorax
  • On the face is one gold stripe and one silver stripe
  • A spongy mouthpart used to consume liquids
  • One pair of wings
  • Larvae are rice-shaped, legless, and greasy white in appearance

House flies reproduce quickly; a mere seven to ten days. With each female laying 150 eggs at a time, it is no wonder flies can quickly take over our spaces!

Are house flies dangerous?

There is no way to sugarcoat it; house flies are dangerous when in our homes. Having only one pair of wings means they are weak fliers and therefore constantly landing and taking off surfaces.

Since house flies typically live and breed near standing water and decaying organic matter, their bodies and legs are covered in bacteria, parasites, and disease-causing pathogens. In our homes, house flies are notorious for contaminating food, counters, tables, dishes, and utensils with things that make people ill.

Why do I have a house fly problem?

House flies are pests that regularly find their way into our Nashville homes and other structures. They can live and breed within our homes, and their constant presence and buzzing sounds make it impossible to relax when trying to eat, relax on the couch and watch TV.

Things that attract flies to a property are breeding sites and places to forage for food. Common breeding sites are moist, decaying organic matter like excrement, garbage, leaf piles, and rotting fruits or vegetables in garden areas.

House flies are general feeders and feed on almost anything, including the foods we eat, which is why they are so problematic in and around our homes.

Where will I find house flies?

Inside our homes, house flies are most problematic in kitchen and dining areas, as that is where food is consumed and prepared. But they will venture throughout a house and make their presence well known.

When flies hang outside in your yard, they are most likely to be in areas where pets spend a lot of time, around trash cans, or in gardens.

When house flies live outside in your yard, it won't be long until they find their way inside. An open window, a torn screen, or a vent can act as an entry point. Even going in and out of your home can allow enough time for house flies to get inside.

How do I get rid of house flies?

Are house flies buzzing around your home and driving you mad? If so, we are here to help. We provide detailed and customized services that can solve any fly infestation, big or small. At Cima Solutions, we are proud to call Nashville home and dedicated to providing Nashville residents with top-notch pest control. All of our products are kid, pet, and environmentally friendly. Trust our friendly professionals to provide you with a detailed pest control plan customized to your Nashville property's unique needs.

If you are looking for professional home pest control and commercial pest control, we are here to help; contact us today!

How can I prevent house flies in the future?

Avoid problems with house flies on your Nashville area property by implementing our tried and true prevention tips.

  • After eating, put away leftovers and quickly clean up crumbs and sticky spills.
  • Eliminate areas of standing water on your property.
  • Repair damaged weatherstripping around windows and doors and repair damaged window screens.
  • All garbage cans inside or outside of your home should have lids.
  • Regularly sanitize your home's indoor or outdoor garbage bins.
  • If you own pets, pick up and dispose of their waste from your yard daily.

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