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Ticks & Fleas in Nashville, TN

Ticks and fleas are not just a problem for pet owners but everyone! Although less common for fleas, people can be a host for both of these external parasites. All Nashville residents need to know how to identify these common pests and where to find them, what problems they cause, how to get rid of them, and how to prevent future infestations.

What are ticks & fleas?

While they are regularly grouped, ticks and fleas are different in several ways, including appearance.


  • Arachnids
  • Wingless
  • No jumping ability
  • Flat, oval-shaped body
  • Will swell after feeding
  • Vary in size and shape based on species


  • Six legs, ending in claws
  • Powerful jumpers
  • Flat, hair-covered body
  • Reddish-brown
  • Difficult to see without magnification

Ticks and fleas are similar in the way they infest and spread diseases, which we will discuss below.

Are ticks & fleas dangerous?

Ticks are well-known vectors of Lyme diseases. However, they also cause Rocky Mountain spotted fever, babesiosis, anaplasmosis, ehrlichiosis, and Heartland virus. On the other hand, ticks can lead to cat-scratch fever, typhus, plague, and tapeworms.

Why do I have a tick & flea problem?

The biggest cause of ticks and fleas on a residential property is wildlife, rodents, and birds. Whether these animals get inside a house, drop eggs and adults in the yard, or cross paths with a domestic pet, they are often the source of the issue. When these parasites are carried into a yard, they can crawl or jump off the host and wait patiently for a new one; a pet or person.

Where will I find ticks & fleas?

Ticks and fleas both require hosts to survive. However, between hosts, they can sometimes be found inside homes in upholstery, carpets, flooring, and behind baseboards. Also, they may be found in the yard in shady and damp areas, including tall grass.

How do I get rid of ticks & fleas?

While ticks and fleas are often associated, they are different pests and need to be treated as such. At Cima Solutions, we offer targeted services for both ticks and fleas:

  • Ticks: We use kid, and pet-friendly products such as granules in the yard and dusts under shrubs and bushes if needed.
  • Fleas: We treat the interior with an aerosol and the exterior with granule and liquid treatments if necessary.

Our services are customizable to fit your needs, so you can rest assured that you will receive the proper flea and tick control for your home and family. Call Cima Solutions today!

How can I prevent ticks & fleas in the future?

If you have not already, you should talk to a vet about tick and flea preventatives for your pets. Preventatives are essential to keeping your pets healthy and will help reduce the likelihood of future infestations. Also, you should work on making your yard less accessible to wildlife and rodents by:

  • Installing or repairing fencing around your property and gardens.
  • Removing bird feeders, fallen fruit, and other food sources.
  • Replacing your garbage cans with ones that have lids and cannot be knocked over easily.
  • Using motion sensor lights.
  • Keeping up with yard maintenance such as mowing the lawn, clearing leaves, and cutting foliage.
  • Ensuring there are no entry points for these animals to get into your home.

Don’t let ticks and fleas run rampant in your home or yard! Contact Cima Solutions for expert pest control and prevention.