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Expert Pest Control In Thompson Station, TN

The sprawling but small town of Thompson Station offers residents a quaint yet rural backdrop for daily life. In addition to good public schools, clean parks, and craft coffee shops, Thompson Station also lures working professionals and families because of its close proximity to Nashville. The yearly climate here ranges from comfortable to unbearably warm and humid, both of which make way for pest problems.

At Cima Solutions, we promise to deliver expert Williamson County pest control with every visit. As a locally-owned business with more than a decade of experience in the industry, our team is uniquely qualified to care for the homes and businesses of our community. We follow the Integrated Pest Management approach, which ensures comprehensive coverage that is safe for people, pets, and the environment. All of our inspections and estimates come at no charge and with no obligation because we believe in honesty and fairness, and each of our offerings is backed by our unbeatable warranty. For more information on our pest control offerings, please contact us today.

Residential Pest Control In Thompson Station

Thompson Station is the place that you love to call home and at Cima Solutions, we take that seriously. Since our establishment, it’s been our mission to bring our community safe and effective pest control solutions that they can trust. Our approach is centered around Integrated Pest Management so that we can be as eco-conscious as possible while keeping pests off of your property long-term. Each of the products that we use during the treatment process is 100% safe for adults, children, pets, and nature, so you never have to worry that we’re causing more harm than good. All of our services come with a satisfaction guarantee and we constantly work to exceed your expectations. To learn more about how our residential pest control offerings can protect your home, please call us today. 

Commercial Pest Control In Thompson Station

At Cima Solutions, we are a locally-owned small family business, so we genuinely care about the success of your Thompson Station business. Our services are all tailored to your exact needs and concerns and we’re able to do this by adhering to Integrated Pest Management standards. This approach allows us to prioritize your safety and maintain an environmental awareness in the process. It also means that we will work to remove current pest pressures and take proactive steps against future ones. We always act with honesty and transparency, which is what you can expect from your initial property inspection through your routine maintenance. Our technicians are thorough and tend to every area from hard to detect cracks in your foundation to the landscaping around your property and your eaves, the result of which is a pest-free working environment that we guarantee. For more information on our commercial pest control services, please contact us today. 

An All-Inclusive Guide To Ant Control For Thompson Station Homeowners

Thompson Station homeowners can expect to encounter ants at any point throughout the year because of how little it takes to attract them. Here are a few tried and true tips that can help prevent an ant invasion:

  • Seal up even the smallest crack or crevice in a foundation with silicone-based caulk. It’s also important to repair window and door screens, and affix weatherstripping to gaps. 
  • Look for leaky spigots, pipes, and faucets around the home and repair any that require it. 
  • Check for food residue between garbage bin uses and clean anything that appears. Similarly, keep counters and floors free from crumbs by cleaning on a regular basis. 
  • Be diligent about hand soap, shampoo, and laundry detergent spills, as ants may mistake these for sweet foods. 
  • Clean the sink drain out routinely and discard any food scraps. 
  • Bring in help from a pest control professional for added protection. 

For more information on ant prevention, contact Cima Solutions today. 

Five Quick Tips To Keep Dangerous Cockroaches Out Of Your Thompson Station Home

Cockroach problems are something that’s worth preventing from developing in your Thompson Station home with all of your might. Once these creatures move in, they can be very dangerous to deal with and difficult to eliminate. Here are five quick tips for ensuring that cockroaches don’t become an issue:

  1. Be very careful with food. Cockroaches are highly attracted to food so keep leftovers and pantry snacks like pretzels and granola in secure containers. 
  2. Aim for cleanliness. Actions like taking out the trash routinely, disinfecting spills, and sweeping up crumbs are crucial. 
  3. Address leaks. Cockroaches can’t survive without water, so always shut off faucets and showerheads fully and fix any leaking fixtures that you find.  
  4. Seal up openings. Cockroaches can sneak through very small openings, so be sure to fill in any gaps you find around your foundation, windows, and doors. Materials like caulk and weatherstripping will be useful. 
  5. Contact the pros. One of the most secure ways to keep cockroaches from invading your home is with help from your local pest control specialist. 

For cockroach control that you can trust, contact Cima Solutions today. 

The Ultimate Rodent-Prevention Guide For Thompson Station Property Owners

Rodent infestations in Thompson Station are anything but unusual. Rats are extremely common around local businesses, while smaller species like mice wreak havoc on kitchens and pantries. On rare occasions, even squirrels can make their way into our attics, chimneys, and wall voids, making short work of our insulation and electrical equipment. Although these rodent species are quite different, the results they leave on our homes and businesses are the same: wanton destruction. 

It's best not to allow rodents to take up residence in any shape or form. To that end, it is important to implement prevention and elimination steps that protect you from harm. 

Start by eliminating food and water sources around the house. This means storing your food in glass or plastic containers and repairing any leaks or clogged drains in the house. Next, do what you can to seal up potential entry points. Waterproof caulking should be used as often as possible, even in small or hairline fractures. Finally, consider getting regular rodent inspections from a professional team like Cima Solutions. 

If you think or know that rodents have already taken up residence around your Thompson Station yard, prevention will no longer be enough to protect your loved ones. Instead, get in contact with Cima Solutions to learn about our rodent control options.

Five Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Thompson Station Yard

Sick of biting pests ruining your seasonal get-togethers? Here are five simple ways to keep mosquitoes away from your Thompson station yard: 

  1. Reduce the amount of standing moisture in your yard or garden. Ditches and low points should be filled with topsoil, while larger bodies of water, such as bird baths, should be treated against mosquitoes and their larvae. 
  2. Prune vegetation. Overgrown areas could be harboring moisture in key areas of the yard, which ultimately increases the size of your mosquito infestation. 
  3. Limit the amount of time you spend watering the grass. Too much could result in puddling moisture and possible mosquito breeding grounds. 
  4. Keep an eye on the number of flowering plants or bushes in your yard. Big, showy blooms may attract mosquitoes, which feed on the nectar of these plants. 
  5. Invest in regular mosquito treatments for your yard. Quarterly service may prevent mosquito populations from compounding and producing increased mosquito activity year after year. 

Remember that these tips are simply starting points for mosquito control in Thompson Station. For a longer list of prevention steps or to receive treatments that destroy populations rather than manage size, submit an online contact form to Cima Solutions.

Everything Thompson Station Homeowners Ought To Know About Dangerous Spiders

Contrary to popular belief, all spiders have fangs, possess venom, and can become aggressive towards humans. However, most of these species are incapable of piercing flesh or affecting our health in any meaningful way. The vast majority of spiders in Thompson Station are considered nuisance pests, which means they cannot cause significant harm to people, pets, or properties.

However, there are also some dangerous spider species that call our area home. This largely includes the black widow spider and brown recluse, both of which are known for their deadly venom and significant health effects. Bites from these dangerous species have resulted in hospitalizations for hundreds of people worldwide, resulting in nausea, tissue loss, and in rare cases, death.

If you're concerned that dangerous spider species may be prowling around your Thompson Station home, don't wait for the situation to worsen. Instead, partner with the pros at Cima Solutions for dangerous spider control all year long. 

Call today to receive a full estimate.

Five Stinging Insects Every Thompson Station Resident Should Know About

Honey bees and yellow jackets and hornets, oh my! Thompson Station is no stranger to stinging insect species, many of them making their homes and hives right in our backyards.

Are you familiar with all five of the most common stinging insects? Let's explore each of them below: 

  1. Honey bees: Honey bees are important pollinators and can only sting once before dying, endangering both themselves and your health and wellness. 
  2. Yellow jackets: Many people are highly allergic to the sting of a yellow jacket, which is made worse by this species' ability to attack multiple times. 
  3. Hornets: The largest of the eusocial wasps, hornet stings are extremely painful and can cause shortness of breath, swelling, and numbness. 
  4. Paper wasps: These stinging insects are not aggressive by nature but can and will attack when threatened or disturbed. 
  5. Bumblebees: While stings are rare, bumblebee attacks can be painful and result in large, open welts. 

Whether you think or know that these stinging insect species are near your home, turn to the professionals at Cima Solutions to protect the ones you love. Our stinging insect control services are available at any time!