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Tick Control In Nashville, TN

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Don’t Let Ticks Hitch A Ride Into Your Nashville Home

There are many different ways pests can find their way into your home. Some may sneak in through open windows or under door sweeps; others will take advantage of the tiniest cracks and crevices available. Ticks in Nashville are small pests that like to add insult to injury by catching rides on you or your pets. These blood-feeding arachnids wait in tall grass or low-hanging branches for a new host to pass by, quickly latching on and feeding on our blood.

Ticks are much more than merely a nuisance as they are known to spread a variety of deadly diseases such as anaplasmosis, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis, Heartland virus, and Lyme disease. Since ticks are so difficult to detect and control on your own, we highly recommend that you reach out to a local pest control professional for assistance. At Cima Solutions, we offer effective tick control treatments to restore your peace of mind and keep your yard safe from ticks. Contact us today to request a free estimate.

Our Nashville, TN Tick Control Service

Ticks are tenacious pests, and our tick control service can take some time before you see the results. Our tick control experts apply a granular treatment to your yard, targeting the following areas:

  • Bushes
  • Shrubs
  • Standing water
  • Tall grass
  • Trees

Depending on the scale of your tick infestation, we may also dust under bushes and shrubs. Each of our tick treatments is responsible and child and pet friendly. You can learn more about our home pest control and commercial pest control methods and products by reaching out to our service professionals.

Combine Our Tick Control With A Mosquito Reduction Service

Our tick control treatment is available as an add-on option for our mosquito reduction service. Mosquitoes in Nashville are common flying insects that are well-known for bugging people and pets trying to enjoy their outdoor space. Much like the tick, mosquitoes carry and transmit a number of deadly diseases and parasites such as:

  • Chikungunya
  • Dengue
  • La Crosse encephalitis
  • West Nile virus
  • Zika

When a mosquito bites you, it is to drink your blood to gain the nutrients required for producing viable eggs; this means females are the only mosquitoes that want to bite you. Several factors draw the attention of mosquitoes. Listed below are some common mosquito attractants.

  • Carbon dioxide emissions, body heat, and sweat will attract mosquitoes from a significant distance.
  • Mosquitoes are drawn to dark, bold colors. Wearing long, light-colored clothing is an effective way to protect yourself from mosquito bites.
  • Some mosquitoes find certain blood types more desirable than others. The Asian tiger mosquito (Aedes albopictus) favors type-O blood.
  • Studies have shown mosquitoes are more likely to fly toward people who have been drinking alcohol.

Cima Solutions offers total pest protection for Nashville homes and yards through our reliable mosquito reduction and tick control services. Learn more about our pest control plans today.

Professional Care For Your Pest Control Needs

When you and your property are under attack by ticks, mosquitoes, or any other common Nashville area pest, the best response is to contact Cima Solutions immediately. Our team of local, highly trained service professionals offers the ultimate protection against Nashville’s toughest pests. If you’re seeking the best tick control methods for your yard, call us today for personalized, professional pest solutions. Find out more about our residential and commercial pest management programs today.