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What Nashville Homeowners Need To Know About Organic Pest Treatments

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At CIMA Solutions, we're Nashville strong. We are a family-owned and operated business and we believe in finding pest control solutions that solve pest problems without negatively impacting the environment. For our team, organic pest treatments just make sense. Maybe they'll make sense for you too. But organic treatments aren't all sunshine and flowers. You need to consider the pros and cons and decide if they are the right fit for your home and family. Join us as we look at why organic treatments are valuable, what options are available, the pros and cons, and how your CIMA Solutions service team uses organic pest control treatments. If you already know you want organic pest control in Nashville and you'd like to learn about the positives and negatives in person, feel free to navigate to our contact page and schedule a service visit, or give us a call and learn what you need to know over the phone. We're here to help in whatever way works best for you. If you just want to glean information about organic treatments, read on. We have many helpful insights to share with you today. 

Why Are Organic Treatments Needed?

Certain insects and rodents can present a threat to human health. They spread diseases, harmful bacteria, parasitic worms, and more. But, when controlling these potentially hazardous pests, you don't want to harm the beneficial creatures around your home. Many of the insects, rodents, and other animals in your yard are a benefit. Certain insects help with pollination. Worms and other ground-dwelling creatures assist with aeration. Bats flutter through the air and eat mosquitoes by the truckloads. You definitely want them around—as long as they don't get into your home. Organic treatments aim to target potentially harmful pests without harming non-targeted organisms. As the pest control industry continues to move toward a model of sustained pest management where we value proactive prevention over reactive extermination, organic treatments have become essential. But not all pest control service providers have come on board. Companies like CIMA Solutions are leading the way. We put a strong emphasis on solutions that are gentle on the environment and the eco-system of our planet. We also care about our Nashville communities. We don't just work here; we live here.     

What Are The Options?

There are many options for organic pest control and management. The experts on staff at CIMA Solutions have adopted new technologies as organic products have advanced. We currently use EcoVia EC, Essentria IC3, Essentria G, and Terad3 Blox. Let's take a look at each.

EcoVia EC: This is a research-based botanical insecticide. The primary ingredients are thyme and rosemary. It is a next-generation product that is NOP compliant. It mixes well in water solutions, which increases its sustainable efficacy. The product is most often applied with backpack foggers and effectively addresses pest activity around your home. Some of the pests it works to control are ants, roaches, fleas, ticks, flies, spiders, wasps, mosquitoes, stink bugs, aphids, whiteflies, and kudzu bugs. This product can be applied around homes and businesses and over water sources. If you've got a boat dock or pool area that needs protection, EcoVia EC is the right choice. It is not harmful to aquatic life.  

Essentria IC3: This product offers immediate knockdown of targeted pests, and when it is appropriately applied, it provides long-lasting residual control. The main ingredients are rosemary, peppermint oil, and geraniol. Rosemary works to repel mosquitoes, gnats, and other flying pests. Geraniol works to repel fleas, ticks, certain flies, and many other pests. Peppermint is a larvicide which has some repellent properties as well. These three ingredients work together to provide widespread coverage and can be applied confidently in areas where kids and pets recreate. 

Essentria G: This is a granular product. It is both gentle and strong. When applied around your home, these water-activated granules give long-lasting, broad-spectrum management of key pests. Effective pest control requires layers of protection and Essentria G provides a critical first layer of protection against household pests. The product works as a repellent and as a knockdown agent and combines new Octopamine blocker technology with tried-and-true essential oil technologies. There are no label restrictions for this product. That's how gentle it is.   

Terad3 Blox: When it comes to rodent control, this product checks all the boxes. It is designed by Bell Laboratories and has years of research backing it. It is highly palatable to rodents, sustainable in high temperatures, resistant to moisture and mold, and weatherable when applied around your home. Its most notable benefits are that this bait works on anticoagulant-resistant rodents and deters bait translocation. If you've had trouble getting rid of the on your property, Terad3 Blox isn't just an organic solution, it might be your only solution.

As you can see, we have quite a variety of products. Each has its own role to play in ongoing and sustainable pest management around your home and repellent applications inside your home. When applied by a trained and experienced service professional, you'll have long-lasting protection for the pests that concern you. If you have questions about any of these products, contact us before getting service for your Nashville home. We're happy to walk you through the pros and cons. You can also read the next section to learn some of the general positives and negatives of having these organic products applied around and inside your home.

Pros And Cons Of Organic Treatments

The upside to using organic products is big. But, as with all things, there are some cons you must consider. These products aren't right for everyone. Let's take a moment to look at the pros and cons—starting with the cons.

Do you look at the reviews when you buy something off the internet? Do you check the bad reviews first? Bad reviews can help you better understand the challenges you may face with the product you're buying. You may learn that the product often arrives damaged or that it takes a long time to get the product. You may learn that it works for some people and not for others. You may discover that it is more difficult to use than other products. While negatives for some, they may not be negatives for you. The same is true of organic treatments. If you value organic solutions, you may not mind dealing with the negatives.

  • Some organic products don't last as long as synthetic options and will require more frequent applications.
  • Organic treatments tend to cost more because they need frequent applications.
  • Organic products tend to have an odor. While progress has been made and manufacturers are finding ways to reduce the odor, it is still offputting to some.

You need to keep the negatives in mind when you go with organic options. For example, when you expect a bad smell, it will likely surprise you when your treatments don't smell nearly as bad as you thought they would.

When Nashville residents get organic treatments, they don't do it for all the negative reasons. They do it for the positives—of which there are many.

  • Organic treatments are kid and pet friendly.
  • Organic treatments can be applied in sensitive areas and work best for indoor applications.
  • Organic treatments are naturally-derived and break down naturally.
  • Organic materials are selected because they target the physiology of pests.
  • Organic treatments leverage the science of animal biology to deal only with targeted pests.
  • While synthetic products last longer, tend to be cheaper, often have less of an odor, and may work in sensitive areas (depending on the product), there is peace of mind knowing that your treatments are naturally derived and scientifically applied.

We love our organic line of products and so do our customers. If organic-based pest control matters to you, we have the solutions.       

Professional Pest Control From Cima Solutions Is The Answer

If you live in Nashville, connect with us to learn more about organic treatments or to schedule a visit with one of our friendly and knowledgeable service professionals. CIMA Solutions doesn't just provide organic treatment options, our licensed service professionals apply these products according to strict protocols. You can also expect your CIMA Solutions service professional to roll their sleeves up and do some hard work.

When pest control is done right, it isn't easy. If you've gone with another service provider in the past, you're sure to notice the difference. We don't cut corners or apply general treatments. Our goal is to provide ongoing, long-lasting, and sustainable pest management that keeps household pests from getting inside and yard pests from breeding and developing in your yard. Does that sound like a plan? If so, give us a call or connect with us through our contact form. We look forward to guiding you toward the right solutions for your specific needs and budget and helping you find healthy options that fit your lifestyle and personal convictions.